USS Ruchamkin APD-89

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U.S.S. Ruchamkin APD - 89

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John W Trickett
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Edwin P Shepard
James Middleton
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Frederick N Rohde
John Spangler
Myron Gross
Ken Geringer
Anthony Maurich
William A Kracht
Franklin D. Roosevelt Hudnall

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

REUNION 2011 - Pictures 7:02 am edt 


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We'd all like to thank shipmate Don Renz, for this wonderful painting of the USS Ruchamkin APD - 89.


The shipmates who took the tour of NOB and the USS Cape St. George CG - 71, as photographed at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, on April 16, 2007.


This pic from 2005 will still download at its

original size.

Left to Right

1  George Smith   11 Jack Sheldon      21 Palmer Nelson
2  Jerry Keene    12 Don Renz          22 Dan Bush
3  Jerry Howard   13 Floyd Opperman    23 Al Musso
4  Ed Rose        14 Stallworth Larson 24 Ray Monroe
5  Ed Polak       15 Ion Tharp         25 George Comins
6  Bob Ireton     16 Paul Albertine    26 Ron Rizzo
7  Chuck Brooker  17 Joe Bochnik       27 Jim Cooper
8  Ernie Mahling  18 Bob Russell
9  Charlie Cottam 19 Ken Geringer
10 Don Karr       20 Ron Bass

Somebody said, "You only knew the customers at the bar."
"but that's not entirely true"

Jerry Howard knew the folks at the bar and NOT at the bar.
"Thanks Jerry"