U.S.S. Ruchamkin APD - 89

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David 'Charlie' McCarty RD3 - sitting at the main radar repeater displays in Combat Information Center (CIC). Photo submitted by Dave McCarty.


CIC - Seated is "Goodie" Goodwin; while standing is an RD named Jerry Arnese. - photo submitted by Dave McCarty.


Larry Ahlquist ET3, carefully adjusts the vertical hold on a repeater in CIC. Photo submitted by Dave McCarty.


The ET Shack - a world of mystery to the untrained eye, but here we see the trained eyes of Chuck Burton, finding the lead ET's coffee for him. Photo submitted by Dave McCarty.


On the Bridge with Fred 'Hotdog' Harris SM1.  Photo submitted by Dave 'Charlie' McCarty.


Radio Shack - front row from the left there is Darrow; Luke Letourneau RM3 and Bruce "Tex" Evans RM3, in the back row. Photo submitted by Dave McCarty.

Thanks to Joe Fox (Sept 66 - Dec 68) for identifying Luke for us. 


On the O1 level with Larry Thompson QM3 and Larry Ahlquist ET3.  Photo submitted by Dave McCarty.


O1 level - Dave McCarty RD3; Larry Thompson QM3; and Steve Christman. Photo submitted by Dave McCarty.


O1 level - From the left we have "Rapid" Darrow;  Mike "Saints" St. John SK3;  Ron Pedorchek;  Bruce "Tex" Evans RM3. Photo submitted by Dave McCarty.


Onboard - maybe the messdeck - Dave McCarty RD3 and Mike St. John SK3.


Mike St. John SK3, hard at work in The Ship's Store. It appears that they're almost out of kewpie dolls again. Better order more Mike. Photo submitted by Dave McCarty.  


McCarty's Corner Pocket Billiards - I have just assured Charlie that I have memorized the names of all the shipmates and 'No Way' will I misplace, forget or blame Bob Russell. Photo submitted by Bob Russell... who I swear had the list of names last.