U.S.S. Ruchamkin APD - 89

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Gary Verville RM1 and Al Bodamer MM1 in Troop Radio running phone patches for the crew while underway. Way to go guys.

Photo submitted by Al Bodamer MMC.


In this photo of the ship's 1st class POs, from 1968, we have in the back row from the left: Gary Verville RM1; a GM1; a SM1; Collins BT1.  The front row from the left: a Steward; Washington CS1, a Storekeeper; Al Bodamer MM1; and the last rate we are not sure of.

Any help with naming these crewmates and/or reminding me of the abbreviations for the rates that I have forgotten, would be greatly appreciated.

Photo submitted by Al Bodamer MMC


Dominican Republic Evacuation :

April - May 1965

Caribbean Cruise including patrols after evacuation :

April - July 1965

Link to Naval History is under the Favorite Links Tab at page bottom.



Newspaper photo of one of our trips to evacuate folks during the crisis.

Photo submitted by Al Bodamer MMC


The 40 MM mounts were a good vantage point for viewing the disembarkation of the refugees from the Dominican Republic.

The sailor holding the Heaving Line is Hovis, Deck Division.  The Chief Petty officer was a Quartermaster, I believe. NOW,  I need contributions from you, for the identities of the crew in the photo.

Identified - Third from the right, the sailor with hat back and standing between a Marine and the sailor wearing shades, is Jeanfreau, Ship's barber.

 Photo supplied by Ken Scanlon RM3.


Crew, UDT and Recon Marines watch the disembarkment of refugees from Dominican Republic. May 1965.

Need help identifying any of the crew, UDT or Marines.

Identified - Directly below the twin barrels of the port 40MM mount is Charley Mills, MM2, with his hat on.

Photo supplied by Ken Scanlon RM3


Starboard watch on the bridge.

Left - unidentified officer. The center - LtJG Richard Nelson with binoculars. Right - perhaps Radioman Dave Hammer?

Your help identifying officer and sailor in photo will be appreciated.

Photo supplied by Ken Scanlon RM3.


As luck would have it, we happened to be in San Juan for the annual Iced Tea Celebration. Crewmates seen here, were participating as honorary judges.

From the left we have, Ken Scanlon RM3, an unidentified sailor, then  Bruce 'Tex' Evans, an unidentified sailor, 'Sully' Sullivan ET3 and Armstrong, who worked the ship's laundry.

Your help in correcting the names for our representative judges, to the Iced Tea Festival, will be greatly appreciated.

Photo supplied by Ken Scanlon RM3.


An unidentified member of the  UDT  Team  with an anchor he probably carried to the surface by himself.

I need your help with his name.

I'm sure some of you frogmen are still out there, so when you finally beach for the day, help me out with the name.

Photo supplied by Ken Scanlon RM3.