U.S.S. Ruchamkin APD - 89

 On January 8, 2012 we lost Our 50s shipmate and Don Renz's longtime friend,

 Don 'Kiddy' Karr. You'll be missed.


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Under Construction:

 Some photos just received from Robert Russell. Thanks Bob.


Charlie McCarty swabbing the entranceway to C.I.C.


Luis Perez in the Operations Department


Al Sutphen - aboard - perhaps in New York harbor?


Gary Verville - aboard - perhaps in New York harbor?


August 14, 1967 - Norfolk airport

 Your bartender and Bob Russell, who had a flight, have just left the Navy.

The car is my '57 Pontiac; its diet was Mustangs(up until Charlie McCarty's GT390)

 I wish the car was in a park in Colombia.


These first Crew Pics have been supplied by our ship's barber

from 1963 to 65, Jim Jeanfreau. 

Here is Jeanfreau and Alexis, while celebrating Christmas in 2002.


Pierside in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

If you could look toward shore, down the pier to your left...

you would see the bar on wheels...

which some called the Welcome Wagon.


Jeanfreau, himself.


Richard Brown, RM3 and his very nice '58. Wooly Bully !


Second from the Left is Charley Mills MM2 (Fwd Eng Room), who is standing with three of our shipmates from 1963 to 1965.

We'd appreciate the names of those other shipmates, if possible.


Thank you Al Bodamer MMC for identifying Charley Mills.


Pierside at Mount Kilimanjaro, we find our fellow shipmates Dunn (SN), Murphy (SO3), an as yet unidentified sailor, then

George Comins (SO Striker) and another as yet unidentified sailor, sightseeing at the fine museum near its summit.



This photo was taken of Ruchamkin crew on the steps of St Peter’s Basilica, Rome during a Med Deployment in the early 1950’s.

On the back of the photo LT J B Crowder has listed the following men but has not given further help in placing them.

1 Guide John

2 Lt CDR J G Rinklin

3 Ryan QM1

4 Bob Charbonneau

5 Giles ETR2

6 LT J B Crowder

7 Rizzo SN

8 Hart HMC

9 Chief Green

Sal Lupo has been identified as 4th man from the right in the front row.

Jack Sheldon has been identified as 4th man from the left in the front row.



Bob Charbonneau YNSA - Photo may be from just after Boot Camp.

Photo submitted by Cindy Kazanovicz (Bob's daughter) and Bob's Wife and Family.


An as yet unidentifed sailor and Bob Charbonneau out shopping? Looking to buy some 'civvies'?  So soon?

Photo submitted by Cindy Kazanovicz (Bob's daughter) and Bob's Wife and Family.


Personnel Department - Standing is Billy J White YN2; Seated rear left is Gerald A LaPlante YNT3; Sitting in front is

Salvatore 'Sal' Q Lupo PNSN; and seated rear right is Bob Charbonneau.

The picture of the female shipmate, is unidentified.

Crewmates from the early 50's should help out with her name.

Photo submitted by Cindy Kazanovicz (Bob's daughter) and Bob's Wife and Family.


We only know that 'D'Artagnan', second from the right, was played by Bob Charbonneau.

But never fear, for while in the company of a 2nd Class Petty Officer, what troubles could befall our brave adventurers.

Any shipmates who can help identify these four as yet unnamed sailors, please contact us.

The webmaster is still jealous that he couldn't muster up a beard of any sort back then.

Photo submitted by Cindy Kazanovicz (Bob's daughter) and Bob's Wife and Family.