U.S.S. Ruchamkin APD - 89

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Jerry Kuznik, who served aboard her in 1954, as he was May 22, 2005.

Jerry passed away in California on April 25, 2007.

Our deepest regrets go out to his family and friends.  



Jerry Kuznik, while pierside at Roosevelt Roads in 1954.


Al Gracie ETSN;  Jerry  and  R.L. Turk.

Thanks to Al Gracie for identifying these sailors.


Jerry (third from the left), Al Gracie, ETSN (fifth and center-back) with seven other shipmates who may have served on the Ruchamkin also.
I'd like to know if they did and you would too. So, your help with their names is needed. 50s crew please reply.
Photo submitted by Al Gracie


Palmer Nelson and two Southern Belles in 1953.

On the left is Peggie Lamb and on the right is her sister Helen Lamb,

better known as Mrs. Jeremy Howard.

It seems that Jeremy has always been an award winner.


Diane Russell, teddy bear, Ed Rose, teddy bear and Betty Cooper.

The girls pose with the teddy bears that Ed had presented to them for all their work.


  Robert Hughes, SA. 1950s crew. If only the rest of you guys would make it this easy for me to get the names correct.

This autographed photo from the time of the collision, is no longer available at the ship's store.

Photo submitted by Bob Hughes.