U.S.S. Ruchamkin APD - 89

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Joe Burdette, passed away December 2, 2008.

Joe will be missed by his Wife and Family and by his shipmates with whom he served, aboard the USS Ruchamkin.

 Joe served in the US Navy from 1951 until 1954.


Joe and his Kodak Brownie take a break.


Joe, his lovely Wife Lois, younger Brother Ronnie and Niece Betty, stateside.


Joe stands with his parents James and Ethel, while Ronnie and Betty play.


Joe gets a hug from his Sister Earline while Betty stays close to her Mom.


Relaxed crewmates pose at a lifeline. Vic Turi MM, is front and center. In the back row wearing a whitecap, is John Spain, an IC Electrician and then James Bailey MM, anchors the line at center with Joe Burdette MM, on the right.


Unknown 3rd Class Machinists Mate - circa 1954 - photo submitted by Joe Burdette


Three shipmates alongside, on-board one of our LCPRs.

We need the names of the sailors, if possible.


Tied up, looking aft - circa 1954 - photo submitted by Joe Burdette


Tied up, looking foreward - circa 1954 - photo submitted by Joe Burdette