U.S.S. Ruchamkin APD - 89

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John Gidaro relaxing today.


John Gidaro relaxing on the fantail in 1967.


USS Boxer LPH-4. Photo by John Gidaro.


Maildrop. It was always a welcome sight.
Photo by John Gidaro.


An excellent photo of the firing of our 5 Inch to Port.
Occasionally there was a slight vibration during this process.
Photo by John Gidaro.


Preston IC3, catches some needed rest.
One can only assume that this did not occur during the firing of the 5 Inch.
Photo by John Gidaro.


A great reminder of daily life aboard:
Parker... enjoys the close proximity of locker, dittybag and overhead.
Photo by John Gidaro.


The smoking lamp is lit. Nelson... is seen enjoying the deck lounge area. Photo by John Gidaro.


The Enlisted Men's Club in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

A postcard, submitted by John Gidaro.


1967 Guantanamo Bay. The pool. A postcard submitted by John Gidaro. 

It kind of makes you wonder what all those 'new guests' at Gitmo are complaining about.


William Hovis with beverage and an unnamed Machinists Mate, attend a ship's beer party at Gitmo in 1967.

Photo submitted by John Gidaro.


William Hovis in his rack / locker combo unit. Apparently the snipes had custom 'furniture'.

Photo submitted by John Gidaro.