U.S.S. Ruchamkin APD - 89

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Highlining with the USS Wisconsin BB-64, for electronic parts required to repair a transmitter aboard the Ruchamkin - circa 1954 - photo submitted by Joe Burdette


Lift your feet in that 5 inch boys. Photo by Mike Coffey.


Although not as... ( a.exciting - OR - b.disturbing (you pick the adjective)) as when the the screws actually break the surface... this VIEW of UNDERWAY is quite BEAUTIFUL to see. Photo by Mike Coffey.


Mike Coffey, Sonarman 1966 - 68.


Bruce Whitford and some of our snipes relax during swimcall in the starboard 40 mount. Help naming the crew members is requested.
Photo by Mike Coffey.


Why was the first crewmember in the water called 'chum'?

Swimcall. Photo by Mike Coffey.


Dave Henig sits out swimcall or is patiently waiting for
the Captain's ski-boat to be launched.
Photo by Mike Coffey.


Swimcall. Dave Sullivan.
Photo by Mike Coffey.


Looks like a BBQ on the fantail with Dave Williams front and center.
Any guesses for the silhouettes nearer the charcoal?
Photo by Mike Coffey.


John Juehrs mans the sound powered phones on the fantail during swimcall.
Photo by Mike Coffey.